Digital Marketing

In current scenario, digital marketing is required in every business you do. As most of the target audience are present online either on websites, social media sites, shopping sites etc. So if you are looking for audience for your business, it’s very important you that you understand the digital marketing so that you can use… Read More »

Hooked Model

Habits are defined as “behaviors done with little or no conscious thought”. The Convergence of access,data, and speed is making the world a more habit forming place Businesses that create customer habits gain a significant competitive advantage The Hook Model describes an experience designed to connect the user’s problem to a solution frequently enough to… Read More »

Interview Questions

Ques1. Assumptions in logistic Regression Logistic regression is used to make relationship between categorical target variable and independent variable (continuous and categorical) Logistic regression does not make any assumptions of normality, linearity, and homogeneity of variance for the independent variables. Equation of model is Log (p/ (1-p)) = a + b1 x1 + b2 x2… Read More »

Introduction to Chaid

Introduction to Chaid Hello friends, In this post we will discuss about very important analytical technique called CHAID (Chi square Automatic Interaction Detector) .It is a type of decision tree technique to model the data into different categories. For example if you want to run one marketing campaign for database of 100000 users then you… Read More »

Introduction Of Logistic Regression

Logistic Regression Introduction  If you want to learn or know about analytics or modelling then more often you have come across this term Logistic Regression. Well you would have searched in google and found out that it is nothing but a regression technique which deals with categorical dependent variable.  Well ok, we will take this… Read More »