Interview Questions

By | March 13, 2016

Ques1. Assumptions in logistic Regression

  1. Logistic regression is used to make relationship between categorical target variable and independent variable (continuous and categorical)
  2. Logistic regression does not make any assumptions of normality, linearity, and homogeneity of variance for the independent variables.
  3. Equation of model is Log (p/ (1-p)) = a + b1 x1 + b2 x2 +….. +bn xn + e
  4. The value produced by logistic regression is a probability value varies between 0 & 1
  5. The independent variables should not be multicollinearity(numeric variables)
  6. All the independent categorical values should be dummy coded.

Ques 2. Assumptions of Multivariate Linear Regression

  1. There should be linear relationship between the target variable and independent variables.
  2. The expected value of the error term, conditional on the independent variables is zero.
  3. The error terms are homoskedastic, i.e. the variance of the error terms should be constant for all the observations.
  4. Error terms should be uncorrelated with each other. We can check it by checking the product of error terms, It should be zero
  5. The error terms should be normally distributed.
  6. The independent variables should not have any linear relationships between each other. It means they should not be multi-collinear.

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